Chobotstar Re-Opened!

Hi Fellow Cho's as you know i have re-opened Chobotstar! Also i have changed my name from Blue7Monster to Twistt. I believe its a more simple name.

New ME!



Hey guys, I have stop playing chobots and started playing this really cool Pokemon game called TPPC. I also made a blog on it called Pokemon2k, so check it out and register, PLEASE!

200th POST! PARTY!!

Hey Chobotstar Fans,
 As if you didn't know this is Chobotstar's 200th post and I wanna throw a party! If anyone comes ='(  I want you to come so you can enjoy the fun to! and remember to invite your friends to the party and maybe some citizens might use expand magic and mod magic! I also hope the Chobotstar crew will help bring people and be there! IT WOULD REALLY MEAN IT IF ALEAST THE CREW CAME.

Quitin Time :(

Hey Chos,
I am going to quit Chobots, sorta. Well I am not going to play often, like probably an hour a week.  I am going to make a personal blog for you all to see what I have been doing and you can learn about stuff that I have been doing. Thanks guys and bu-bye


If you guys were wondering what i look like there i am ->.if u see me around say hi!


Where has Chopix Gone?

Hey there! Did you guys know that the 3rd of September is a day to appreciate and admire the world's tallest skyscrapers? I want you to learn more about skyscrapers! Let's research! Here is the template: (click here to open) You have time till the 3rd of September! I want to learn something interesting and amazing about skyscrapers! Post your researches in a comment to this post. Don't forget to put your name. Have fun guys!
Who wants to win a citizenship? You have a great chance :) The Space Racing Contest is now ON! Come and play! And remember! Do not cheat!
Hello chobots! Choproff is in the Classroom now! You all know what to do! Answer his question and earn bugs! Have fun playing!


Hey guys!! I am a new author on this blog!! =) If you see me make sure to say Hi!!

Im back!!!!!

Hey ppl!! I am back i haven't been posting but now i choose to i  think I'm doing the right thing well ill be posting soon but for now peace!!

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Checkers Competition Ended! :)

Hey Chos,
Guess what? Checker Competition ended!!! woot!!! You know why I am soo happy? Because I came in 4th so I get citizenship (at least a week xD). Anyway, lets look at the results

  1. Jbin - 68.00
  2. Sahilsahil (cheated) - 66.57
  3. arno0b - 51.08
  4. Lightninz (meh) - 48.53
  5. hooh2002 (cheated) - 47.83
  6. yavn - 44.51
  7. weibin (cheated) - 39.50
  8. purchase - 37.00
  9. _____________________
  10. moneyinthebank - 22.18

Why is there so many cheaters? Well anyway cya later, can't wait for my citizenship, ima draw everyone xD

UPDATE: Congratz! Lightninz i hope you enjoy your citizenship!
And i really dont get why people cheat. its just not right. Anyways thank you for posting so far your the only one who is!

Update: I didn't win citizenship :( ~Light~ and thx Blue



Well i have a day citizenship is over well it was a good 12 months but now it come to an end! ~Blue7monster